Cremation Orlando, FL

If you’re thinking about cremation in Orlando Fl, this will be some interesting history for you to help you make a decision.

Cremation is a popular alternative to burial used for exposing of dead bodies. It dates back thousands and thousands of years ago to some of the earliest archeological records. Cremation has become more and more popular because for several reasons. One reason is the cost of a funeral is quite pricey and people want something simple and easy. Another reason is that in this modern time, people don’t view it to be against their religion, or do not look at the ramifications so strictly as past generations.

In Europe, cremation can be dated back to the Bronze Age and is talked about in some of the literature of Homer.

Religion is the main reason cremation is viewed as popular or unpopular by the community. Its used in Hinduism to return the soul to the Creator. Christianity did not promote cremation and viewed it as a Pagan tradition, partly because it was popular among the Greece and Rome, and mainly because of its Jewish founding. Because of Christianity, the practice of cremation vanished as the Church became widespread and gained power halfway through the First Century. The Church outlawed cremation in the Middle Ages and even made it punishable by death for those who participated in it. Cremation, such as burning at the stake, was a form of punishment and was reserved for heretics and the worst kind of offenders.

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